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Presenter Comments and Reviews

Dan Schmal (Director of Arts Programming, Wisconsin Lutheran College): Outstanding! That's the only word I can use to talk about the recent performance of Neil Berg's Broadway Holiday in Milwaukee! I have received so many comments from patrons that I couldn't possibly mention all of them. The quality of the show was "top shelf" in every way. Patrons told me that it would have been worth the price of the ticket to see and hear and ONE of the performers, let alone ALL FIVE. The mix of Broadway hits and Christmas music was perfect. I also have to mention Neil Berg�s part in the show. His introductions were fascinating, informative and exciting to hear. The musical arrangements were among the best I have heard. Each vocalist was a real star!

Paul Beard (Exec. Director, Bass Performance Hall, Ft. Worth, TX - 2000 Seats): "Neil Berg's 100 Years of Broadway killed my audience. They enjoyed it immensely! Neil's solo number just before intermission was perfectly placed for dramatic effect ... your best laid plans and fervent hopes came to fruition. The show was a knockout!"

Pebbles Wadsworth (Exec Dir., University of Texas, Austin Performing Arts Center): “It is hard to believe that you can set the bar so high for each performer, and that over and over again each one rises above those expectations to deliver extraordinary performances! These five Broadway stars have some of the very best voices performing on Broadway today. Neil Berg has created an immensely entertaining and educational show.”

Dean Corey (Exec. Dir., Orange County Philharmonic Society): "Wow! What a great show! [We] knew it was going to be great! Our audience loved it! I want to bring the show back for our gala next year season!”

Adriana Perez (Producer, Major Events, Carnival Center): "A wonderful show. It is unanimous! Everyone wants in back next year. Book it!"

Steven Janicki (Executive Director of Melbourne's 2000-seat King Center) after presenting the show, wrote: "The show was fantastic! What a treat. I heard many great things from the audience during intermission and after the show. A few people I spoke with were not sure of what they purchased tickets to, but were so pleased they came. The audience really enjoyed Neil tying it all together. The talent was excellent and sang all the favorite show tunes."

Michael Blachly (Exec. Dir. Univ. of Florida Performing Arts): “A wonderful show! Our audience really enjoyed it. Yes, we want it back next season!”

Frank Villani (Exec. Director, Arts San Antonio): "An Amazing show! What a fun, crowd-pleasing, gala evening! A single evening with fifty of the greatest characters in Broadway musical history on stage performed by many of the artists who actually played these roles on Broadway. As a presenter, too often in this business our surprises are not pleasant ones, what we expect from a show just isn't there. This show delivers more than you can possibly imagine. My audience flipped ... The word of mouth is incredible! We can repeat the show easily anytime. Bravo!!!"

Robert Freedman (Exec. Director Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater FL) “LOVED IT !!!!!! Our audience went crazy!!! And I have only heard raves from our patrons and staff. We teased them about 100 Years of Hollywood for April 9 next year.”

Elise Kushigan (Exec. Dir., Clowes Memorial Hall) “The show was great! The good news is that we will probably be talking about a return engagement very soon.”

Rhonda Dunaway (Program Dept. Louisiana State University):"FANTASTIC!!! Adam ... Friday night was truly wonderful! What an amazing show you and Neil have brought into being. The band, five outstanding performers, Neil, the music ... a combination that brought down the house! The show was even better than when I saw it in Napa last year. Our audience loved it, whooped and swooned after every number, bought CDs like crazy and wanted to stand up and cheer after every song. Thank you for a wonderful theater experience. I can't imagine a better way to open our 43rd season."

Jack Globenfelt (Exec. Director, Sunset Center, Carmel CA) “[Thank] you for a great show! Several people came up to me last night and said it was the best show that they have seen in our venue! We want you back next year!”

Natalie Bohnet (Exec. Director of UA Presenters at University of Arizona Tucson) “The show was great. The singers were top notch. Ticket sales for the next year's production “100 years of Hollywood” have already increased.”

Lindsay Gambini (Exec. Dir. Kean University, Kean, NJ): “I opened my season at Kean this year with Neil Berg's 100 Years of Broadway and wanted to send a heads-up to all of you about this marvelous show.  I was expecting an enjoyable musical revue but was blown-away by the extraordinarily magnificent performances and the amazing audience response I received. This show resulted in more fan mail than that received in total over the last three years. I highly recommend it.”

Susan Thomae-Morphew (Exec. Director, Univ. of Texas-Tyler): "Our audience loved it! Two people told our president that it was the best thing that they had seen on our stage. That is saying a lot! So it was a hit! The two women who were new to me were a huge improvement. All five were fabulous! The three men were even better than when I saw them in California. We sold 1371 seats and they were thrilled. They stood in line for autographs and the performers were gracious. Everyone wanted them back. Some said they were going to follow them around Texas!"

Gian Morelli (Exec. Director, Capitol Civic Centre): "I cannot remember the last time an audience jumped to its feet with "Bravos" a dozen times or more. I cannot remember the last time I as a presenter was mobbed for bringing together my audience with such an extraordinary ensemble of musicians and vocalists. I promised them five Broadway Stars, one great band, and 100 years of song from the Great White Way, and did Neil Berg deliver! It was a sublimely satisfying journey showcasing the vocal brilliance of five of the finest singers to ever grace our stage at one time! Add to that the virtuosity of Neil Berg's musicianship (and showmanship), original cast members re-creating their signature roles; it was a mind-boggling evening seared into our collective memory!

Bruce MacPherson (Exec. Director, Charles W. Eisemann Ctr. for the Performing Arts): “Thanks for arranging the tickets to see "100 Years of Broadway" at Bass Hall this past Wednesday night. My wife and I enjoyed the show and the audience was very much into it. I thought the chemistry of the vocalists and of course Neil was smooth and entertaining. This show would be a very nice feature for our 5th Anniversary on Sat., Sept. 15, 2007.

John Hunt (Exec. Director of the Ocean Reef Cultural Center) - Another "home run" with Neil and the Rock & Roll show this past Saturday night. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, is just raving about the concert. I will be meeting with my committee next week as we are bringing them back for Part II.
Bill Mandicott (Exec. Director, Frostburg State PAC) - The best tribute to the music of Broadway with first-class performers straight from the Broadway stage. It blew my audience away. They never expected to actually hear the Broadway performers sing the songs they performed on Broadway. Highly recommend presenting this performance. We would repeat them again in a heartbeat.
John Hunt (Exec. Director of the Ocean Reef Cultural Center) - [Let] me tell you something about last evening at the new Carnival Center in Miami. I have seen numerous artists perform over the years but you and Neil have put together the real deal. The musicians were awesome< but each and every vocal performer could have easily carried the show by themselves. I certainly look forward to bringing "100 Years of Broadway" into the Florida Keys. What a great show!
Jeffrey W. Gabel (Founding Executive Director, Gettysburg Majestic) - Our 90th anniversary and 100 Years of Broadway was a triumph thanks to Neil and company. 100 Years of Broadway is THE BEST entertainment value on the road today with brilliant Broadway stars at an affordable fee with a show that will fit on almost any stage. It's the perfect show for a gala fundraisers because the program is all show stoppers that brings the audience to their feet. Neil Berg is a warm and wonderful emcee who wove the history of our theater and 90th birthday celebration into his introductions and the cast was so gracious and friendly in mingling with our VIP patrons at the post performance reception.
Kate Green, Weidner Center Green Bay - Our audience loved it!
Size DiPietro, Stockton PAC - The show is fantastic!
William Kerns, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal - Berg's "100 Years of Broadway" is a gorgeous, guided tour of the American art form that is musical theater, a production both hypnotic and historical.
Jeffrey Rosenstock, Queens Theatre in the Park - '101 Years of Broadway' is even better than the original show!
Adriana Perez, Producer; Major Events, Carnival Center - It's unanimous! A wonderful show.
Natalie Bohnet, UA Presents - The show was great! The singers were top notch. Ticket sales for next year's show "100 Years of Hollywood" have already increased!
Lindsay Gambini, Kean University - I highly recommend it! The show resulted in more fan mail than we received in total over the last three years!
Guy Couch, Central Arkansas State Univ. - Two-minute standing ovation each night tells the tale.
John Hunt, Ocean Reef Cultural Center - AWESOME!
Gian Morelli, Columbia Theatre for the Perfoming Arts - A mind-boggling evening! The audience jumped to its feet with 'bravos' a dozen times or more.
Robert Freedman, Ruth Eckerd Hall - LOVED IT! Our Audience Went Crazy!
Susan Thomae-Morphew, UT Tyler - All five Broadway singers were fabulous! Our audience loved it. Some said they were going to follow them around Texas!
Steven Janicki, King Center - FANTASTIC! What a treat! The audience enjoyed Neil tying it all together.
Pebbles Wadsworth, UT Performing Arts Center - Extraordinary performances. Some of the very best voices performing on Broadway today.
Frank DeStefano, Indiana University of PA - FABULOUS! A great night! One of those magical evenings! I was shocked by how good it was!
Michael Blachly, UFL Performing Arts - A wonderful show. We want it back!
Robert Myers, Emens Auditorium - UNFORGETTABLE! One of those rare presenting moments when you vastly exceed the audience's expectations.
Paul Beard, Bass Performance Hall - A KNOCKOUT! My audience enjoyed it immensely!
Janet Barlow, Stocker Arts Center - A presenters dream ...
Bill Mandicott, Frostburg State PAC - The best tribute to the music of Broadway.
John Lachetti, Director of Entertainment - Feinstein's at Loews Regency Hotel - One of the best shows of the year!