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January 27, 2007

The Journal News

I want to commend the new Riverspace Arts in Nyack (formerly known as The Helen Hayes Theatre) for scheduling such a tremendous New Year's Eve show. Had a person traveled to New York City, a better show and performance could not possibly be found anywhere. We had it right here in Nyack.

I was fortunate enough to purchase tickets and be able to attend the "100 Years of Broadway" performance, and I have to say the evening was one of the nicest New Year Eves I've experienced in a long time.

The performers were all top-rate professionals. The band was second to none. And Neil Berg is a tremendous piano player and host. The way in which he spoke to the audience and presented the forthcoming entertainment brought out his warmth and sincerity, his style and his eagerness to be a success and put forth the best show he could possibly deliver. The performers didn't just perform, but performed the show with exuberance and love for what they were doing. You just didn't want the evening to come to a close.

I commend Riverspace Arts for having the foresight and booking this show. I commend Neil Berg and his entire cast for an excellent production and presentation. And I wish the Riverspace Theatre much success in the future, as well as Neil Berg and his entire cast of performers. Happy New Year.

Florence A. Mandel
New City