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July 8, 2011
Neil Berg has enjoyed a two-pronged career. He's the creator of the touring revue "100 Years of Broadway," a traveling concert of musical theater's greatest hits. He's also the composer of original shows, the best-known being the off- Broadway "Prince and the Pauper" and "The Twelve," which will make is premiere at B.B. King's Aug. 9. At Feinstein's, Mr. Berg features five singers alternating between showstopper standards and his own numbers, which, to their credit, work without any explanatory set-up. In selecting his own tunes, he consistently favors interior monologues that are well suited to the intimate space of a cabaret. All these soul-searching soliloquies can be overwhelming after an hour, leaving one longing for a comedy number or a love duet. Even so, highlights abound, and it's a fascinating look at the Broadway musical from a different angle.