Upcoming Performances

Saturday, February 05, 2022
Neil Berg's 50 Years of Rock & Roll 3
The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts
Worcester, MA

2 Southbridge St
Worcester, MA 01608

Henry award-winning Neil Berg has captivated the hearts of fans all over the United States! With a multitude of talents, Neil Berg has successfully made his way into the entertainment world for decades! For one night only, The Hanover Theater and Conservatory is proud to announce Neil Berg's infamous 50 Years of Rock [Part 3] where he will take his audience from the unforgettable classic sounds of the '40s, all the way through to the early '80s where rock and roll emerged into the new wave of power ballads and MTV hits! This upcoming February 5th at 8:00pm, Neil Berg will be fascinating his audience with an electrifying tale of musical history, where he will share stories of the ever-changing world of music and the fifty-year history of 'the music that changed the world forever'! Tickets for this show range in price and The Hanover Theater and Conservatory is offering discounts for both members and groups of 10 or more, so bring your friends, bring your family! This show is sure to wow everyone!

Beloved throughout the United States, composer, lyricist and producer Neil Berg will be coming to Worcester, Massachusetts this February for a one night only performance! Come relive the history of music and the evolutionary decades of stylistic sounds and artist influence through the number one Broadway Touring Concert in America: Neil Berg's 50 Years of Rock & Roll [Part 3]. From the years of Motown where rhythm and blues encompass the room, to the transformation of R&B into funk where groovy met soul, and to the early years of Rock where you will enjoy songs by the remarkable Sir Elton John who exploded into the music world and after more than five decades remains one of the most successful artists of all times. Join The Hanover Theater and Conservatory February 5th at 8pm and come relive the groundbreaking musical history of rock and roll with the one and only Neil Berg!

Known for his many talents and charismatic persona, Neil Berg has made his mark in the music industry with pieces like Grumpy Old Men: The Musical and the hit Off-Broadway show The Prince and the Pauper. Winner of the Bistro Award for Best Musical in 1995, Neil continues to contribute to the entertainment industry beyond his talent. With his philanthropist character, Neil Berg has also been awarded with a multitude Medals and Honorary Awards for his community service and committed advocacy to homeless youths and abused women. The Hanover Theater and Conservatory is not only pleased but also proud to announce Neil Berg's 50 Years of Rock & Roll [Part 3], a one night only show this February 5th at 8pm. Bring your friends and bring your family, as this show is sure to warm everyone's hearts!